Updated: 2-June-2015

General Regulations

1. Regulations
  1. Each SSATIS sport has a set of sport specific regulations (see website for more details)
  2. Only SSATIS delegates within each school should contact the SSATIS Convenor regarding rosters or ladders.
  3. All SSATIS related correspondence between schools should go through the SSATIS delegates and not individual members of school communities.
2. Rosters
  1. School nomination entry form to be submitted via email 2-3 weeks prior to scheduled start of season.
  2. Schools to return nomination form by closing date as stated in the SSATIS Annual Sports Planner (usually 2 weeks prior to season start).
  3. Extra entries are not permitted after the nomination closing date, but entries can be withdrawn during a one week period after nominations close.
  4. Rosters for the full season will be emailed to schools and posted on the SATIS website 1 week prior to round 1.
  5. Once the roster has been posted (1 week prior to round 1) schools cannot add or withdraw any teams except in exceptional circumstances outlined by SSATIS Administrative Officer.
  6. Occasionally rosters will need to be changed during a season. The SATIS website should always be considered the source of the correct roster at any time. It is each school’s responsibility to check the website and ensure their own information matches it.
  7. If 8 or more teams are entered in any roster there shall be 2 divisions/pools.
  8. Where a school enters 2 or more teams in any roster one team must be nominated for Division 1.
  9. Schools must supply enough grounds / courts for the amount of teams entered, i.e. 1 ground for 2 teams (remembering that year groups play on the same night). It is the responsibility of the school to book additional grounds / courts if they have entered additional teams.
  10. Clause removed.
  11. A supervising adult over the age of 18 (not a current student) must be provided by each team and must attend the game for its entirety. Teams not accompanied by a supervising adult will forfeit the roster game. Warm-ups/Games will not commence until a supervising adult arrives.
  12. Schools may request a bye for school camps etc, however in some cases this may not be possible.
  13. If a school plays an ineligible player in any team the fixture shall be forfeited to the opposition.
  14. Coaches are allowed to umpire games / matches; however, they can only provide instructional advice to educate the participants in learning the rules of the game. They may not provide coaching / strategy advice during game/ match time, with the exception of recognised breaks.”
3. Finals
Qualifying Players for Finals

To qualify to play in a final a player must have played at least half of the roster matches played by the team contesting the final. In the event of “qualified” players being unable to play, schools may request dispensation from the Chair of SSATIS for a replacement. Replacement players are not to be of a higher standard than the competition they are entering.

  1. A final will be played between 1st and 2nd teams on the ladder at the end of the season. This applies to all rosters. If pools/divisions, crossover finals must be played.
  2. Where possible, umpires will be independent for all 1st Grade finals.
  3. Determining a winner
    1. For 1st Grade: In the event that two teams tie on points at the completion of the roster (Match Ratio will be used to determine ladder positions), and in the event that a Final cannot be played by the rostered date, the premiership will be determined by percentage (points for and against). If still tied the premiership will be determined by points awarded in matches between the two teams and then percentage. If still tied then a play off shall be held at a mutually acceptable time and venue. If schools cannot agree, the matter will be referred to the Chair of SSATIS.
    2. For Y7-10 rosters: In the event that two teams tie on points at the completion of the roster (Match Ratio will be used to determine ladder positions), and in the event that no Final can be played by the rostered date, the premiership will be determined by percentage (points for and against). If still tied the premiership will be determined by points awarded in matches between the two teams and then percentage. If still tied the premiership is shared.
  4. Drawn Grand Finals
    1. For Years 7 -10 and 2nd Grade (and 3rd Grade?) the teams should share the premiership.
    2. 1st Grade should play extra time where possible within the guidelines of a particular sport, otherwise the team on top of the ladder at the end of the roster shall be the winner.
  5. Washed Out Grand Final
    1. 1st and 2nd Grade (see sport specific regulations)
    2. For Years 7-10 the final shall be shared. The team higher on the ladder shall go through to the Grand Final.

NOTE: In sporting rosters conducted by SATIS in which only two teams are entered and which culminate in a State Final, a best of five match series will be played to determine the State Finalist.

4. Grand Final Venues

The best available venue should be used for 1st Grade.
The higher placed team, at the conclusion of a roster of the teams contesting a Grand Final will select the venue for Grand Final.

5. Points Allocation
    1. Point score

The point score for all rosters except tennis will be:

      • Win/Forfeit = 5.
      • Draw = 3.
      • Loss = 1.
      • Washout = 3.
      • Forfeit against = 0.

The point score for Tennis will be:

    • Win = 2 Points + 1 point for each rubber won.
    • Draw =1 Point + 1 point for each rubber won.
    • Washout = 4 points NB – A washout equals a draw.
    • Loss – 1 Point.
    • Forfeit = 8-0.
  1. Match Ratio will be used to determine ladder positions. Match Ratio = points scored divided by matches played.
  2. Results are to be sent to the SSATIS Convenor by 12 noon on the Tuesday following the match.
  3. SSATIS score books are available for netball, soccer, basketball and tennis.
6. Cancellations and Forfeits
  1. The home team will notify the opposition school as soon as possible of any cancellations. (Contact school office and delegate)
  2. b. In the event of wet weather and no overall cancellation of matches, the decision to play will be left to the coaches of each team. If at least one coach considers conditions are too dangerous for play that game will be declared a washout.
  3. c. Midweek matches are to commence as close as possible to rostered time. If players are not in position to commence matches 15 minutes after the rostered start time, the team will forfeit the match.
7. First Aid at Venues

Each school is responsible for supplying each team with a first aid kit and cold pack.

8. Carnival organisation
  1. There will be a stated date for close of entries for swimming, rowing and athletics and no additional entries will be accepted after that date.
  2. ResultsResults are to be emailed to schools.
  3. UniformIf a school is unable to outfit teams/individuals in accepted school uniform the Chair of SSATIS is to be notified prior to the event. Sub-committees will then be notified.
  4. Program and other expensesThe costs incurred by a school organising carnivals will be met by SSATIS. Program production costs are for paper and “in-house” photocopying.
  5. Wet weather committeesFor cross country and athletics carnivals a wet weather committee shall be appointed. Should this committee consider it impossible to conduct the meeting as arranged it will recommend alternatives to the association. (see sports specific regulations)
9. General playing regulations
  1. If a player is named as a starting player in a first team, then until that team plays again, that student may not play for a lower team. A player who is named as a substitute for a first team, and who does not take the field in the first half, except in the case of injury, may play for a lower team the following game.
  2. A player listed in a 2nd team, either as a player or a reserve, may not play for another team in that same division. Where a school has two teams in a roster, players must be registered for and play with one team only.
  3. In the event of extraordinary circumstances arising, which are not addressed by the above regulations, application can be made through the SSATIS Administrative Officer to the Chair of SSATIS for consideration.
  4. In all rosters, students can play up from their registered team but once they have played for three matches they cannot play down.
  5. Criticism of umpires/referees by players will not be accepted. An umpire may eject from the court/field a player who infringes in this regard.
  6. All players must wear the approved school sports uniform (see uniform Register).
  7. Players, coaches and spectators are required to abide by the SATIS Code of Ethics.
10. Trophy Register Form

All schools are provided with a trophy register form at the beginning of each term, these must be filled out when either receiving are passing on a trophy to another school. The form must then be forwarded to the SSATIS Administrative Officer at the end of each term. Any trophy that is lost will be replaced at the cost of the school at fault.


**SSATIS Administrative Officer to keep updated trophy register.

Adrian Broughton (SSATIS)Regulations (SSATIS)